About Wisdom Mart

India's leading organization for GMAT Preparation and Admission Counseling since 1998.


We are a premier admission consultancy and training centre in New Delhi, providing selection-oriented and proficient training to students who apply for admission in universities abroad. Hence, skilled coaching for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT is provided hereby, by eminent experts of the field. We have been operational since 1999 and in these past years, around 3 lacs students have been assisted altogether, in securing promising score points during such exams and to pave way for hassle-free admission in such centres for excellence. In other words, globally acclaimed universities and colleges of the western countries, like the US, the UK, France and Canada, emphasize upon such entrance tests in order to gauge the scholastic efficiency among the students from third world countries and to make if they would be able to compete and contest in the global pool of talent and skills. In case of Wisdom Mart, we have garnered a towering reputation owing to our skill of simplifying the intricate subject concepts during quality training and in easing the functionalities of the foreign universities and their academic set while administering supreme career counseling. As a consequent to such massive acclaim and an all round encouragement, we have flared up our admission guidance and the selection oriented quality test preparation training, to 4 more centers, across New Delhi, in a bid to enable students to leverage more from our towering expertise.